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MC WIN VIP player rules                                                                         

As long as you are a player of MC WIN, join and become a VIP member!

VIP 0 Deposit:0  Valid Bet:0 Lvl Up Bonus: 0                                                                                  VIP 1 Deposit: 200  Valid Bet:1,600  Lvl Up  Bonus:0

VIP 2 Deposit:500 Valid Bet:4000 Lvl Up Bonus:0                                                                          VIP 3 Deposit:2,000 Valid Bet:16,000 Lvl Up Bonus:

VIP 4 Deposit:5,000 Valid Bet:40,000 Lvl Up Bonus:50                                                                VIP 5 Deposit:10,000 Valid Bet:80,000 Lvl Up Bonus: 100

VIP 6 Deposit:50,000 Valid Bet:400,000 Lvl Up Bonus:500                                                          VIP 7 Deposit:150,000 Valid Bet:1,200,000 Lvl Up Bonus:1,500

VIP 8 Deposit:300,000 Valid Bet:2,400,000 Lvl Up Bonus:3,000                             VIP 9 Deposit:500,000 Valid Bet:4,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:5,000

VIP 10 Deposit:800,000 Valid Bet:6,400,000 Lvl Up Bonus:8,000                           VIP 11 Deposit:1,000,000 Valid Bet:8,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:10,000

VIP 12 Deposit:1,500,000 Valid Bet:12,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:15,000                       VIP 13 Deposit:2,000,000 Valid Bet:16,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:20,000

VIP 14 Deposit:3,000,000 Valid Bet:24,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:30,000                       VIP 15 Deposit:4,000,000 Valid Bet:32,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:40,000

VIP 16 Deposit:6,000,000 Valid Bet:48,000,000 Lvl Up Bonus:60,000

The rewards will only keep growing!